Do you know that Pizza Boxes are patented?

One of my favorite family traditions is taking the weekend off from cooking for Saturday or Sunday meals.  I am a huge fan of doing a Sunday meal prep day, but that is for the weekdays and not for the weekend.  So when it comes ot the weekend, if you are anything like most of America you love pizza.  More pizza is eaten in the United States than in any other country daily.  We consume a massive amount of pizza on a daily basis and most people have it once a week.  The regularity of eating pizza is now more commonplace than anything.  The fact that pizza sales increased during the pandemic also calls into question some of the ways pizza is delivered and it’s more important now than ever.  The pizza delivery system is generally the same across the country and it’s all based on basic packaging supplies from the last century.  But what made that system and the fact that it is as good as it is, can be linked to passed inventions and patents. 

No one would imagine that the delivery system in the 1950s was not great.  During the mid-century, the pizza delivery was invented.  It all started with the most basic of packaging supplies the cardboard box.  The box was just regular paper and was the first version of delivering pizza. It was invented in the mid-century of the 1900s and did not roll out as well as many thought it would.  As a matter of fact, the first companies that did it ended up with soggy pizza being delivered.  The pizza would soak into the box and then the paper would essentially start being molded into the pizza being delivered.  People tried to line the boxes but one company decided to step up its game. That is where we find the change in our industry and the big changes in how we deal with pizza. 

We owe a lot of how we receive pizza to the one company that patented the pizza box that we all are used to today.  The funny thing is that this company patented the corrugated cardboard box and then other companies were not able to use it for 20 years. Dominos was the most popular pizza delivery company for years and I am sure it gave them a huge competitive advantage over all other companies back then.  Although now we order much more pizza to go then back then.  Delivery was not nearly as important back then as it is today.  Eating at the restaurant was much more common 70 years ago than today. For the first time in decades through a new patent was issued for a new kind of pizza box.  

It is possible that this box not only does not mix the grease and paper with the pizza but also insults the pizza much better as well.  In the covid-19 pandemic, this may save money and make orders even happier than before. This could give a real competitive advantage to dominos and change the game decades later again! So let the pizza be delivered and let us enjoy the fruits of the labors of those who worked so hard before us to figure it all out. It is lovely to enjoy what we have but don’t forget the ingenious work to fix the delivery problem. 


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