Three Acceptable and Beautiful Examples of Cheese Packaging

The packaging is a thing you can create. Well, it is like an empty canvas and you have to draw your thoughts and imaginations. With the evolution of the customization option, you can do experiments and bring your all imaginations and innovations to reality. When it comes to food, there is also no limit to the design and materials. Eatables have smart, transparent, stylish, and colorful designs. You can use your clever mind and change whatever you want to change in it. You can add pictures, texts, and graphics. Here is a few smart looking food packaging that is from the cheese family.

The Deli Garage’s Cheese Pencils

This is an oversized pencil of parmesan cheese. It has the shape of long sticks. Moreover, it comes in three flavors. One is truffle, the second one is pesto, and the last is chili. They have beautiful and safe packaging. Their wrappers protect your hands and the cheese. It does not allow pollution, air, and cross-contamination to enter the package. It also has extended over the measurement marks on the packaging. Thus, you do not need any other measurement scale. You can grab the cheese in the quantity you want. as it has its measurement scaling on the packaging. Thus, pick out the cheese you need and grate it to use further. Moreover, after using it, you will know which amount you have left for the future.

Well, grating cheese could be difficult for you. But, do not worry about the pencil cheese. You do not need a separate grater for this cheese. It has its own small grater that is highly appropriate for pencil cheese. Thus, grating would not be a problem for you. Using, measuring, grating, and protecting the remaining one is easy and friendly. Also, the grater comes in custom size. You can change the real size and make it accordingly. Well, the shape of the grater is like a pencil sharpener. You put your cheese pencil in the sharpener and move it like you sharpen your pencil. Thus, you will get grated cheese in no minute. It also gives you the look of cheese shaving that you can use for garnishing and decorating your food.

Crayola Crayon String Cheese

The company has named its crayons. Thus, it brings back so many childhood memories of colors and drawings. Well, there is no big difference between this cheese and childhood crayons. It has a delicious taste and beautiful colors that can attract you and your kids. Well, it has a yummy taste and attractive looks. Also, its packaging protects its freshness. This is one of the unique and different packaging styles for cheese. The pattern and design will remind you of a normal color box. Thus, it is appealing packing stuff. It grabs the attention and eyes of kids and adults. Moreover, this packaging suitable for nature. It is up for recycling and biodegradability. Moreover, its sealing is perfect even it has cardboard material. But after the use of one stick, you can re-seal you package and protect the leftover.

Captain John Cheese

This is one of the special design of the cheese packaging. As it has made by and the entire concept was proposed by a student. However, it was a great idea of packaging. It exhibits a beautiful appearance and attracts customers. The cheese inside it looks like a small bell jar. When it comes to the labeling of Captain John Cheese, it has exquisite typography and aesthetic colors. Thus, its design is super unique and beautiful. You will get crazy when you see the packing design. Also, this container secures the taste of cheese. It keeps it fresh for a longer time. Also, no moisture and air can damage your leftover cheese.


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