Types Of Labels You Need To Know

Whether you are a veteran or a newbie in the packaging industry, you will often find yourself needing to learn more. That is because the packaging industry is vaster than you think.

In this article, we will discuss the types of labels that are used in the packaging industry. Whether you need quick advice on labeling or just a quick refresher, this information will certainly be helpful for you.

So, here are the types of labels that you may need to know.

Inventory labels

Whether you are running a fulfillment center or a warehouse, you would know how tremendous amount of the work you may need to do to keep things on the right track. You will have to strategize and track everything depending on what you are manufacturing and shipping or storing.

Inventory labels can be of significant help in this regard. You can develop an organization system that involves the processing of labels of different shapes, colors, and styles. These pre-printed labels will help you organize everything at your workplace.

Shipping and handling labels

Once a shipment is dispatched, there is no way you can handle or manage it. That is why you will have to use the shipping and handling labels to give handlers a quick summary of what they are handling. These labels will also contain instructions and requirements to tell those handlers how to deal with a shipment.

The most prominent examples of shipping and handling labels include FragileRefrigeration upon arrivalRush, and This side up. These labels, however, provide no guarantee that a handler will follow instructions. However, using these labels show that you know what you are doing and that you expect people in the supply chain to remain professional.

Production labels

These labels, as the name suggests, are used during the production phase. These labels are also regarded as the hybrid type, combining both inventory and shipping labels. These labels first provide information about the processes involved in the production. Then they also educate people who are not involved in the process. The most common production labels include no forklift, inspection, ready to ship and rejected. Several companies use colored labels for easy organizing.

Blank labels

While the labels mentioned above cover almost all of your shipping requirements, there are still times when you may find yourself needing to create your own system. You can do it with the help of blank labels.

You can use blank labels of different shapes, sizes, and colors. These labels are generally project-specific. Whether you want to name your products, number multi-part shipments, assign barcodes, or labels mass mailings, these labels come in handy.

Custom labels

You can use labels for promotional and marketing needs as well. That is where you can consider using custom labels. These labels contain anything that you want to impress your customers. You can use graphics and designs, brand messages, or brand logos. You can prepare these labels yourself or hand the job over to a professional designer.

If you want to discuss labeling options, the best approach is to contact your packaging supplier.