Supplies You Need For Hot Sauce Packaging

Your homemade hot sauce turns out to be the tastemaker in every party or occasion that you hold in your home. It is because you know the right proportion of every ingredient in it. Suddenly, you are struck by the idea of selling this sauce. At this point, you may wonder where to start.

Starting a business will require you to sort out plenty of things, including accounting, cash flow, employees and management, advertising and marketing, production and distribution, and packaging. In this article, we will cover how you can go ahead with the packaging the right way.

Choosing the perfect bottle for your hot sauce

Businesses that mass produce hot sauce use plastic bottles for sauce packaging. This approach involves the use of the cold fill technique, which helps businesses save on costs. This method, however, also exposes the sauce to spoilage and bacteria. That is why these companies are inclined to use chemicals and preservatives.

Moreover, chili is acidic and can result in plastic dissolving into the hot sauce. It means that plastic may not be an ideal option if you want to pack your hot sauce.

The best alternative is to use glass. By using glass, you can go for the hot fill method. It will not leach chemicals into the hot sauce. While glass is expensive when it comes to sourcing, filling, and transporting, it is a better option when it comes to packaging hot sauce.

Designing custom labels

After you have got the sauce and the bottle, now you need to label the packages. Make sure to create eye-catching and branded hot sauce logos. You may need to hire a professional designer for this task. If you know design fundamentals, you can design those labels yourself.

The best approach is to look at what your competitors are doing. After noticing their designs, you can try to create an even better one. Make sure that the label has enough room for colors, graphics, and the list of ingredients. If you think that you need to use bold designs to tell your brand story, go for it.

Investing in bottle labeling machines

One of the most time-consuming tasks of hot sauce packaging is the application of printed labels. While it is a simple and straightforward task that can be done with hands, its repetition can tire out your employees pretty fast.

You can consider entry-level automation to deal with this requirement. For this purpose, getting a bottle labeling machine is the best thing you can do. These machines apply labels at a uniform speed while making sure that every label is placed at its accurate spot on the bottle.

Using corrugating boxes for shipping

When it comes to packaging for distribution, your best bet is to use corrugated boxes, which are sturdy enough to hold all of your glass bottles. You can go the extra mile in branding by using printed boxes.

Make sure to use appropriate cushioning supplies to keep the inner contents from colliding with each other. Kraft paper is the best cushioning supply to use. You can discuss all your requirements with your supplier.